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Mamé Cocoa

Artisan Japanese Cookies Gift Box

Artisan Japanese Cookies Gift Box

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Please note, this product is only available from the 1st of December onwards.


Inspired by travels to Japan and their carefully crafted treats, each box contains 33 pieces (8 different flavours) of our artisan cookies.


  • Uji-Matcha Shortbread
  • White Chocolate Langue Du Chat (Sugar biscuit with white chocolate inside)
  • Yuzu-oh (Cocoa biscuit with yuzu chocolate inside)
  • Strawberry Melting Cookie

  • Soba-cha Butter Cookie

  • Umeshu (Plum) & Raisin Cookie (Marshmallow and raisin sandwiched between soft icebox cookies)

  • Kinako Snowballs

  • Mixed Sesame Florentines (contains almond)


All of our biscuits are hand-made with high quality ingredients, no fancy tricks up our sleeves.


*All cookies contain dairy and gluten. The Langue Du Chat, Yuzu-oh, and Strawberry Cookie all contain traces of soy lecithin in the chocolate. The kinako snowballs and the florentines contain almond meal.

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Unopened: One month in the freezer.

Opened: Two weeks in the fridge.

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