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Mamé Cocoa

Kalamansi Nama Choco

Kalamansi Nama Choco

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The distinct tartness from our kalamansi will immediately be relatable to Filipino food flavour lovers anywhere. Mouth-watering and appetising, this is a treat that is definitely whistle-wetting.

Each Kalamansi box contains sixteen individual nama choco.

Our high quality chocolate is sourced from Belgium and France, while our cream and butter are ingredients local to Victoria, Australia. Our chocolate is made by hand in small batches to ensure consistency and quality is maintained throughout each step, until it reaches your lips.

Kalamansi nama choco (Milk chocolate, kalamansi juice, cream, butter, inverted sugar).

*Contains dairy and soy lecithin. Produced in a facility that also handles nuts and gluten products.

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping is available for orders $200 and over incl. gst.

Storage Instructions

Our chocolates must be refridgerated once delivered to your door. At -4°C or lower.

Unopened: One month in the freezer.

Opened: Two weeks in the fridge.

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