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Mamé Cocoa

Japanese Summer High Tea Box (Single Serve)


Influenced by Japanese flavors and ingredients, Mamé Cocoa has created a high-tea box to transport you overseas.
In collaboration with 279 Victoria St. & Le Bajo Milk bar, have your taste-buds swept away on a sweet trip to the land of the rising sun.
Deliveries will be on Friday the 21st of January between 10AM to 2PM
Savoury Offering
279 Victoria St. Onigiri - Okaka (Bonito)
Le Bajo Milkbar Sando - Tamago (egg salad)
279 Victoria St. Musubi - Tanuki (tempura flakes, kelp, spring onion)
Le Bajo Milkbar Sando - Tuna Takana (mustard greens)
Sweet Offering
Soba Dome - Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Spongecake, Buckwheat Sable
Ichigo Opera - Strawberry Cream, Cherry Blossom Whipped Ganache
Matcha Roll Cake - Matcha Chantilly, Candied Adzuki Beans
Hakutou & Kuro Goma - White Peach Jelly, Black Sesame Cream, Black Sesame Financier
Scones & Jam
1x plain & 1x fruit scone
House made raspberry & rose jam
Dollop Cream
Tea Offering
1x pyramid bag of Sencha