April Fools'!

Hey there, you gullible chocolate lover!

We have a confession to make - We pulled a little prank on you for April Fools' Day. That tantalizing idea of wasabi nama choco? Yeah, it was all just a joke. We hope you had a good laugh, and if you were genuinely interested, we apologize for getting your hopes up.

But hey, don't be too disappointed about the lack of wasabi nama choco. We have plenty of other exciting flavors to satisfy your cravings. Trust us, they're much more delicious, and delivery is a flat rate $10.00 across metro Melbourne for a limited time. We promise, no more April Fools' jokes when it comes to our flavors!

Did you enjoy our cheeky little prank? Give us hell by using the feedback form below.. We'd love to hear how excited (or disgusted) you were by the thought of Wasabi Nama!

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