'Maa·may Koh·Koh'

Pronounced like the second half of the Japanese snack 'edamamé', our brand name translates (in a way) to 'cocoa bean'. Thus, representing the main aspect of our business - chocolate.

The origins of our brand were inspired by a family nickname. Mamé - meaning 'bean' in Japanese. And together with Cocoa - our champion ingredient (chocolate), it has given both life and meaning to our Melbourne born nama chocolate brand: Mamé Cocoa.

And just like our brand, our flavours are a nod to Chef Santiago's family's Japanese and Filipino heritage whilst paying homage to unique Asian fruits and flavours from around the globe.

Local. Artisan. Luxury

Hand-crafted, designed, and packaged in Melbourne, we create artisanal chocolates and we believe that luxury treats should be enjoyed and made with only the best ingredients.

So it goes without saying, only premium cacao is used in our chocolates.

'Local' plays a big part for us here too at Mamé Cocoa. And when it is available to us, we always choose local; without compromising on quality.

All of our dairy products are 100% Australian and a majority of our packaging is made and manufactured in Australia.

Chocolates. Confections. Purpose

What started out as an offering of a little sweet luxury to brighten moods and lift spirits whilst Melbournians stayed home quickly led to a monthly sold out affair.

And with support from loved ones and a loyal following of nama lovers. Mamé Cocoa has now grown from a humble solo effort to a strong team in a new production kitchen in Coburg North.

If you would like to follow us on our journey and keep up with our antics, new product developments and events. Or you just want to say hello and give us a thumbs up.

Please head to our Instagram @mamecocoa_official.