Care for your Nama

Our chocolates are made fresh to order every week, and delivered to you and our stockists in a temperature controlled environment. 

Utmost care has been taken to ensure that they arrive to you in the optimum quality, for you to experience the beauty that is - nama choco.

Hence, we hope you too will be able to care for your nama chocolates, to ensure that they will be enjoyed exactly as we intended.

And because they are best eaten straight away from the fridge, please observe the following instructions on how to care for your nama chocolates:

  • Chocolates purchased must be refrigerated immediately.
  • Not recommended to travel with an icepack / cooler bag for more than 1 hour.
  • Our chocolates must be refridgerated at 5°C or lower.
  • Store your unopened nama chocolate in the fridge (below 5°C), for up to 2 weeks.